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Cancer Fighting Fund

Cancer Fighting Fund

Cancer fighting fund

The Cancer Fighting Fund raises money for our cancer patients.

Help us raise life-saving funds to beat cancer in your local area. Find out how to get started and what you need to do to get involved. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved and help raise funds for our Cancer Fighting Fund. You can help us by:


Your contribution - big or small is very welcome.


To find out more of how you can help please contact: 

Thanks to your donations we can do so much more. Here are just a few comments from our staff on the latest projects to show what a difference your support makes.

Empress Unit
Empress Unit

"It is fantastic that with the help of charitable donations we can now offer ‘one stop surgery’ with the new One Step Nucleic acid Amplification (OSNA) as well as a highly specialised ultra sound machine which can diagnose most breast lumps at the first consultation.  We are so very grateful to our community for helping us develop this service by giving their support to our Cancer Fighting Fund.  My thanks also goes to our hard working team who have all worked so hard to make this happen.”
Consultant Breast Surgeon Ms Seema Seetharam

Seshadri Sri Prasad Photo

“Patients with kidney cancer also have stones.  The new very small scope purchased for £8,000 enables me work on the kidney with a laser keeping the kidney intact. I am so grateful to all those who donate to the Hospital’s Cancer Fighting Fund”. 

Mr. Sri Prassad, Consultant Surgeon

B Khan Image
Burhan Khan

“We now have two EBUS scopes  (Ebus Endrobronchial Ultrasound) at a cost of £61,000. Previously we were very limited to the number of procedures we could do each week but charitable donations have enabled us to introduce a second scope enabling many more patients to benefit.  The procedure is non-invasive and all done in an hour.


With donations we have been able to develop our Medical Thorascopy Service even further. Our ‘Magic Eye’ can drain fluid and at the same time can examine the outside of the lung and take  biopsies and we now have a special ultra sound costing £40,000 which shows clinicians where best to make the insertion. Charitable donations have enabled our Lung Team to develop a first class service making us one of only a few select specialist units in the entire country that can provide these services to patients.   I am proud to work for such a forward thinking hospital trust.  We are truly grateful to generous donors for enabling us to offer the very best treatment to our cancer sufferers. We have also recently been awarded a specialist training bronchoscopy and EBUS simulator so we are able to share our expertise and to train doctors from other hospitals.”

Dr. Burhan Khan, Respiratory Consultant

Monies donated to our Cancer Fighting Fund enable the hospital to introduce the very latest diagnostic equipment and treatments to benefit patients with any form of cancer. We are now one of only a few hospitals in the country able to carry out some procedures because of the charitable support we continue to receive. 

Other projects that have been funded:

  • Special Breast Ultrasound machine. The Breast Care team can now forge ahead with their ‘One Stop Breast Clinic’ benefiting even more patients.  “This is wonderful news for people who often suffer sleepless nights worrying about their results. Dealing with the possibility of breast cancer can be emotionally overwhelming, knowing one way or another, sooner, takes away the uncertainty which can make such a difference to patient care.” Consultant Breast surgeon, Ms Seema Seetharam MBBS, FRCS (Glasg),
  • Further Cryosurgery equipment to freeze and kill tumors of the prostate and kidney. This is cutting edge technology that freezes and kills tumours - Mr. Seshadri Sriprasad, and Mr. Sanjeev Maadan Consultant Urologists
  • Complementary Therapies for patients having to undergo treatment for cancer to make them feel relaxed and in a better state of mind to undergo procedures - Sarah Flanagan, Lead Cancer Nurse Manager
  • Pill-Cam System for the early detection of small bowel tumors.

  • Mammotone System to help with the treatment of breast lumps, 2 Gynecological Cancer treatment chair.

  • Multi-headed projector to aid with the diagnosis of cervical cancer, Counseling support for Cancer nurse specialists, Digital camera to aid with the diagnosis of cancer cells.

  • Luxury Massage chair for patients undergoing Chemotherapy.

  • Bleeps for cancer clinical nurse specialists to enable all staff and patients to have fast access to expert advice and support.

  • Reclining chairs for patients, and many other comfort items.

  • Support for our Breast Unit, Aids to help Cancer nurse specialists, Handheld Oximeters for Respiratory Team, Hematology Patient User Group Meetings, Equipment to treat Bladder Cancer Patients, Throat Cancer Equipment, Nebulizers to loan patients with breathing difficulties.

  • Hand Held Stats Monitors for Physiotherapists, Complementary Therapies and comfort items, Ultrasound Scanner for the Chemotherapy Suite.


The Cancer Fighting Fund is a sub-fund of Charity No. 1050861