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Procurement (Purchasing)
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The aim of the supplies department is to facilitate the procurement process of the Hospital. The supplies department also has an obligation to demonstrate strategically that all the procurement of goods and services for the Trust need to meet the requirement of the Department of Health also retaining a responsible approach in procuring goods and services from a sustainable source.  Taking in consideration the principles and rules for corporation and competition.

Overarching strategy 

  • To obtain all goods and services necessary for the hospital’s  professionals , patients and staff in the most cost effective and efficient manner.
  • To ensure Compliance with all legislative requirements e.g. OJEU directives.

Contact Details

Head of Procurement 

David Brown

01322 428208


Deputy Head of Procurement

Elaine Druggan

01322 428214


Contracts Manager

Tracey Coppin

01322 425376

  • To provide value for money services to support the Hospital. 
  • To provide value for money services to support
  • To maintain a commitment to procurement excellence through professional ethics and best business practices.  
  • Encourage open competition among suppliers through fair negotiation, competitive bidding and contract buying.
  • We as an NHS organisation are also bound to continuously strive to seek innovative and effective processes that do not impede, but rather facilitate the procurement process.

As a service department we have an obligation to maintain a support mechanism to the hospital and its suppliers by providing professional and commercial advice as necessary in the following areas:


  • Tendering of specific and specialised requirements as necessary.
  • Listening to hospitals  needs both locally and strategically.
  • Finding the best value for money.
  • Identifying new and innovative resources.
  • Obtaining and reviewing quotes.
  • Negotiating terms and conditions.
  • Placing orders and resolving issues.
  • Limiting liability and maximizing compliance .
  • Maintaining quality and standards.
  • Providing timely and value-added service.