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Health (Medical) Records
Health Records

Health records

To help us keep your records up-to-date, please tell us if you change:

  • Your address
  • Your telephone number
  • Your GP
  • Your name.


Please contact Health Records on 01322 425381 or email: dgn-tr.healthcarerequests@nhs.net remembering to give as much details as possible.

What information do we keep about you? 

Like all hospitals, we keep accurate and up to date information about our patients, including details of all their treatments. This means health professionals have the information they require in order to give you the best possible treatment. We take great care to look after your records properly and anyone who has access to them is obliged to respect their confidentiality. Information held on computer must be registered under the Data Protection Act. If you would like to know more about this, please write to:


Records Access Officer,
Darent Valley Hospital,
Darenth Wood Road,
DA2 8DA.

Can you see your patient records?

In most cases you have a legal right to see your health records.

How do I request access to my own health records?

Freedom of Information excludes requests for personal information. An individual's access to their patient records/clinical information is still covered by the Data Protection Act for which different procedures apply. In most cases you have a legal right to see your health records. Please write to the Health Records Manager in the hospital's health records department (address below). A charge will be made to cover administration and photocopying, this will be payable in advance. 


To request copies of medical records, please click on the relevant links below:


Once complete, please return these forms to:
Health Records Manager,
Darent Valley Hospital,
Darenth Wood Road,
DA2 8DA.

01322 425381 or dgn-tr.healthcarerequests@nhs.net

Health records request forms/fees

  • Viewing of health records if the patient has been seen within the last 40 days - No fee

  • Viewling only - £10

  • Copies provided under Data Protection Act 1998 - up to £50 (maximum charge must not exceed £50).


To request a copy of your health records please complete the form available via this link and return to the address above:   

Deceased patients

  • Viewing only - £10

  • Copy of health records - £10 Administration, 35p per page + postage.


Information for applications (please read the information on requesting health records for a deceased patient).


To request a copy of a deceased patients health records please read the information for application above and then use the form available via the link below:  

Personal representative of a deceased patient health record application request form