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Pre Assessment Clinic
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Pre assessment clinic

What is the Pre Assessment Clinic?

Undergoing surgery or planned care can be a stressful experience and the aim of the Pre Assessment Clinic is to provide a friendly, relaxed atmosphere where patients can be prepared physically, psychologically and socially for their forthcoming operation and also their discharge.  


Our professionally trained staff meet with every patient to examine them and ensure that they are ready for their planned care or surgery.  Each consultation involves an in-depth interview to assess whether any special arrangements need to be made and can include a physical examination. Dignity and confidentiality is maintained at all times during your appointment. 


Patients are assessed for fitness for anaesthesia by experienced and specially trained nurses. After obtaining general medical history, a full anaesthetic assessment including airway assessment is carried out including a cardiovascular and respiratory examination. Investigations such as blood tests, ECG and x-ray of the chest are ordered as required. The clinics have constant access to the expertise of consultant anaesthetists if required. 


Please use this opportunity to voice any concerns you may have.

Can I bring somebody with me?

Please attend the designated clinic at the hospital - a friend / relative is welcome to attend with you. 

How long with the appointment last?

Assessment can take some time and patients should set aside at least 3 hours when attending the clinic for preoperative assessment.

What happens next?

You will be provided with information about your procedure and appropriate methods of pain relief and be able to discuss any support that may be required at home after the operation.

What happens with my test results?

All of your results from the tests performed will be analysed by the medical and nursing teams.  If there are any areas that need to be looked into further, you will be contacted by telephone.

Confirmation of Surgery

Attending the Pre Assessment Clinic is not confirmation that you will be attending your surgery. If you wish to continue with your surgery on the date provided you must confirm this separately with the Theatre Scheduling Department.

How to contact the clinic

The Pre Assessment Clinic can be contact on 01322 424681.